Custom EMP 9mm

Springfield EMP 9mm These guns make a great carry or backup weapon, I add a few mods to make them better to handle. Heinie magwell with "Monkey Grips" black and gray wrym pattern, a custom made main spring housing with 25 lpi checkering that works with the mag well. The front lip of the mag well is ball cut for a positive little finger grip, the front strap is also checkered 25 lpi. The trigger guard is under cut and checkered 25 lpi. EGW HD single side safety and hard sear. Slide edges beveled and thumb relief cut, the top of the slide has the concave cut and 40 lpi serrations on the rear of the slide. French border added and Heinie rear sight added, the front is the stock tritium sight-pinned. I did two types of grip safeties, one is the factory and the other is a bobbed grip safety and bobbed hammer. The radius on these EMPs is a little large so the factory safety doesn't look as good as it should with the large gap present. The bobbed version should be easier to conceal, one shouldn't worry about hammer bite as there is plenty of room between the two parts. The frame is finished in KG Gun-Kote Titanium and the rest of the parts are "Canyon Blue". I do one flush fit mag and 2 factory mags.
Custom EMP 9mm
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